Blue Oak



With decades of experience in the outdoor furniture category, Brown Jordan/Casual Living Brands determined there was an opportunity for a brand to come in and truly own the space by making high-quality, well-designed furniture at a reasonable price point. Out of this insight, Blue Oak was born.

To become the go-to brand for outdoor furniture and be recognized as an expert in the space, Blue Oak first needed to define their visual and verbal brand identity.



The challenge was to develop a brand identity from the ground, up. Logo, color palette, font, voice, and design elements were all needed to help Blue Oak communicate its core brand promise and be recognized as a trusted resource and leader in the outdoor furniture category.



Icon researched existing outdoor furniture brands as well as those adjacent to the outdoor furniture category to determine the best approach to creating Blue Oak’s brand identity. Visual brand boards depicting competitors look, feel, and tone were created to spur conversation between the Blue Oak and Icon teams, helping to gain alignment on the overall spirit Blue Oak strived to embody.

With the brand attributes clearly defined, Icon set out to solidify Blue Oak’s visual and verbal style. Mood boards were created along with key applications to help demonstrate different ways to express the brand’s identity. Through a series of critical refinements designed to assure the brand’s identity was ownable and differentiated, one theme kept rising to the top – Rustic Elegance. Combining the traditions of well-crafted furniture and the sophistication of contemporary outdoor living, Rustic Elegance became our guiding style.



With the visual identity and voice established we were ready to introduce Blue Oak to the consumer. Playing directly off the name of the company, blue, paired with grey, and the image of a stylized oak tree were brought together to form the Blue Oak logo. A strong, yet approachable font was chosen to convey the years of design expertise, craftsmanship and attention to detail behind each Blue Oak product. The brand voice was crafted to speak with consumers in a humorous and informative manner, establishing Blue Oak as a reliable and accessible source for all your outdoor furniture needs. Each of these elements came together in the form of a Welcome Kit sent out to those who purchased Blue Oak furniture letting them know what to expect in their shipment, imparting a bit of wisdom, and thanking them for joining the Blue Oak family.

  • The Welcome Kit box
  • Opened box
  • Box contents
  • Front of envelope
  • Back of envelope
  • Wax seal
  • Contents of envelope
  • Care and maintenance instructions
  • Welcome letter
  • Front of assembly instructions
  • 2 panels of assembly instructions
  • 3 panels of assembly instructions
  • Warranty