Icon is an omnichannel commerce agency based in Greater Cincinnati built upon the belief that results start where sales happen—at the bottom of the funnel. Whether you’re selling direct-to-consumer, on Amazon, at retail, or B2B, achieving your complex growth goals doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be smart.

Amazon Expertise That Sets Us Apart

As a long-time Amazon Agency partner, our expertise has grown with the functionality of the platform. We know how to help our clients build their brands on Amazon.

Putting Your Considered Purchase Data to Work

Whether you have a sophisticated CRM and martech platform or you’re starting from scratch, we glean considered purchase intelligence from your higher-interest buyers first and then use that insight to inform marketing all the way back up the funnel.

Your Growth Goals Require Creative Solutions

From planning and executing high-level strategy to concepting designs and coordinating production for in-store signage, our team of creatives, strategists, analysts and account planners deliver results tailored to your marketing goals.

Yeah, But Does It Work?

Nothing says it better than the success stories of brands and businesses we’ve partnered with over the last 20+ years.


If you’re ready to take the Icon approach to your considered purchase marketing, or if you want to learn a bit more about why we know this works, we’re ready to dive in.