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  • allison2

    Allison Wilker Account Services

    While I was born in Indianapolis, I grew up right here in Northern Kentucky, watching “Who’s the Boss?” and creating my own ads for pickles. After picking up my degree in English from Transylvania University in Lexington, KY, I decided to take a year off that would eventually lead me to my career in advertising. A job at a local agency would set me on my path towards roles in public relations, event planning and client service. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people and equally great clients like Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Laura’s Lean Beef, Fifth Third Bank, Skyline Chili, Graeter’s Ice Cream, and Tempur Sealy.

  • colleen

    Colleen Sullivan Account Services

    I’m a fashion- and Bengals-loving Cincinnati native who grew up on the city’s West side, tried out the East side, and eventually settled in Northside. My experiences in advertising have allowed me to work on a wide variety of projects from TV and radio production, marketing collateral development, and brand evolution, to website design, iMedia and more in the digital space. When I’m not managing accounts with my finely honed organization and communication skills, you can find me hanging out with family and friends, shopping til I drop, and filling up notebooks with oodles of doodles.

  • denise

    Denise Volz Client Services

    After graduating from the University of Kentucky, I moved to Florida with my husband and taught elementary school. As if the sunshine state and educating today’s youth wasn’t enough of a challenge, we decided to move to Germany for the next 14 years to broaden our horizons. Between traveling and earning an MBA, I had two children: Nicholas and Jaida who are the lights of my life. When I’m not with them, I love to snow ski and mountain bike. Two years ago, I started a program called Christmas Angels, which provides Christmas to underprivileged children. I believe that you should always think of others before yourself!

  • jeff

    Jeff Nabors Creative Services

    Before joining the team at Icon, I spent 19 years at a global package design agency as a creative director, helping to build brand identities for Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Tide, Downy and Seapak. I’ve always seen this experience as an opportunity to sharpen my design skills and become a more strategically-focused creative partner, while being able to unleash my passion for problem solving. And if that weren’t enough creativity for one person, in my spare time I like to paint at my studio and gallery downtown at Pendleton Art Center.

  • jeremy

    Jeremy Haycraft Account Services

    I’m a Kentucky Wildcat from birth to bachelor’s degree. At the University of Kentucky, I majored in Communications and minored in Fantasy Football. I truly believe I was born to eat BBQ, sip beers and sit in hammocks…not in that order and not at work of course. I suffer from chronic wanderlust and a mild case of color blindness, although neither have affected me negatively as far as I know. I once solved a Rubik’s Cube and I know every word to “We didn’t start the fire.” I’ll sing it for you, just ask me.

  • jessica

    Jessica Coffey Creative Services

    Born and raised in California, KY along the Ohio River, I feel a strong pull to the water’s edge and to my family, which is why I’ll likely stay near both as long as I can. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a BFA in Visual Communication Design with a focus in Marketing. My love of travel has led me to study abroad and pulls me to explore the rest of our country via my favorite past time – Baseball. While I plan to visit all of the MLB ballparks around the country, some of my loves right here are photography, screen printing and hand lettering.

  • jim

    Jim Mattingly Creative Services

    I believe that you should open a door for a lady, that the Big Red Machine was the greatest team ever assembled, and that fishing doesn’t have to be more than sitting on the bank with your sons watching the current roll by. I believe that “it’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game” was said by someone that lost a lot. I believe that laughter is the best medicine, unless you have penicillin. I believe in doing it because you said you would, bartering without profit and helping without expectation. I believe in simple and that my first baseball coach (my dad) knew the key to life when he said, “Keep your eye on the ball, swing level and have fun.”

  • meiners

    Mike Meiners Creative Services

    Over the course of my career you could technically say that I’ve done it all – from laying network cables and setting up design computer systems, to pulling press sheets and outputting offset film. My degree in Graphic Design from Northern Kentucky University was just the starting point to my career where I also served as a university IT technician. When I’m not learning about technology, I’m reminiscing about the time my band opened for the Toasters (renowned ska band) and hanging with my kids. In June of 2015, I earned my black belt in Shaolin-Do Kung-Fu. What started as an activity for the family, and a need to offset years of sitting in front of the computer screen, became an enriching new part of my life.

  • mitzel

    Mike Mitzel Creative Services

    I was born under the shadow of a total lunar eclipse in the fall of 1967. This explains my affinity for all things astronomical and sci-fi. My childhood was filled with the four R's (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic and Reaganomics) and infused with a smattering of Jell-O Pudding Pops, soccer balls, rock ‘n’ roll and Star Wars action figures. It all culminated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Miami University (the Midwest Ivy—not to be confused with the other Miami in Florida). Some other things happened, I married the love of my life in May 1997, and I joined Icon Marketing as the first employee in spring 2000.

  • shannon

    Shannon Rohlman Account Services

    Born in Indiana, but raised a Kentucky girl. No matter how many times I’ve tried to leave, something always pulls me back to the Bluegrass state. After graduating from Georgetown College, I slowly but surely made my way back to the area. In 2012 I managed to marry my exact opposite, in every way. We have a son in college and a daughter in diapers, to continue the opposite trend. When I’m not covered in baby food or spit-up, I make killer chocolate chip cookies and sew baby accessories. I love to travel and have managed to see most of the US and Europe with sights set on the South Pacific.

  • shawnrae

    Shawn Rae Murdock Client Services

    After getting a degree in Telecommunications and more importantly meeting my husband at the University of Kentucky, I bounced around through a list of employers that wouldn’t interest or impress anyone. But then, in March of 1997, I, along with my husband, started something we were both passionate about, Icon Marketing Communications. While I don’t love to brag about my work, I do love to brag about my husband and three kids: Megan, Lawson and Maclain. They are the reason I do any of this and I cherish all the time I get to spend with them. I love to read, listen to some bad 80’s hair bands and watch my Wildcats.

  • shawn

    Shawn Murdock Owner and President

    No this is not a misprint and no you aren’t experiencing deja vü. There are two Shawn Murdock’s at Icon and we also happen to be married. Since founding Icon in 1997, I have collaborated with consumer product companies to create innovative marketing strategies and unique brand platforms that connect with consumers and drive extraordinary growth. A graduate from the University of Kentucky, where I met my future bride, I enjoy spending time with my kids and weekends with no obligations (besides maybe watching some sports).

  • SDrake_Icon_website

    Stephen Drake Creative Services

    A graduate from The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati with a degree in Interactive Media Design, I enjoy spending my time developing new strategies for digital marketing with a focus on social media advertising. The beginning of my career started in automotive marketing for 2 luxury car brands in Cincinnati. In my free time I enjoy designing fantasy/sci-fi cover art for New York Times best sellers. Away from work I love spending time with my wife and son, Lincoln.

  • Christina Kim

    Christina Kim Account Services

    Raised in western Kentucky on BBQ and country music, I moved to Lexington and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2007. Joining the Icon team in 2017, I bring a decade of experience in client service, retail sales, and digital marketing with some big-name brands. I love details and consider myself really down-to-earth. When not at work, you’ll find me at home with my husband and super spirited toddler, Aidan, tackling home organization projects, or settling in with a glass of wine. My family is my every day motivation to succeed. You’ll see me living life by my mom’s favorite motto, “Smile a lot! Laugh a lot! Learn a lot!” And if you ever see me not smiling, just hand me a cupcake!

  • Steve Orchosky

    Steve Orchosky Creative Services

    I moved from Akron, Ohio to get my BFA in Electronic Media at University of Cincinnati with a minor in Fine Arts. I dedicated my first year of college to becoming an audio engineer, but changed course the first time I opened Adobe Illustrator in a digital media class. This new passion led me to jobs at startups and ad agencies all over Cincinnati. There, I gained a wide range of skills in digital design, front-end development and illustration. After hours I enjoy drawing, tasting bourbon & craft beer, and watching the Pittsburgh Penguins win Stanley Cups.

  • Lesley Young

    Lesley Young Account Services

    I was born and raised in Lexington, KY and currently reside in Nashville, TN. I’m a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BA in Integrated Strategic Communication, focus in Account Management and a minor in Communication. Dog mom to 2 German Shepherds, Hank and Nala (who live a much cooler life than I do). I could eat sushi, pizza and Mexican food daily. I enjoy all sports, especially Kentucky basketball, movies, cooking, traveling and going to concerts. I like my hair messy and my bourbon neat.

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    Lisa Witte Traffic Manager

    As a Cincinnati native, I was raised on chili, baseball, and a love for dogs. With a background in project and campaign management for various publications, I’m a big fan of small details, spreadsheets, and organizing anything I can get my hands on. When I’m not at work, I’m likely taking a nap, watching The X-Files with my husband and our pets, or attempting to see the world.

  • SchylerFehr

    Schyler Fehr Creative Services

    Cincinnati born and raised. I'm a big family person, and big on shopping, I may have a shoe addiction. I graduated from the School of Advertising Art in Spring '17 with an Associate Degree of Applied Business in Advertising Arts. Shortly after in August '17 I joined Icon, yes my first job out of school! Needless to say I am excited to start my journey here.

  • Timmons

    Ali Timmons Creative Services

    I grew up in Lexington, KY (Go CATS), but graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a BA in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Marketing. After college, I returned to Lexington to work, was relocated to Minnesota (SKOL VIKES) and then eventually made my way back to NKY. I am the owner of many dying plants and my one true love is Kentucky Football. When I’m not designing, I am most likely napping or singing “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.

  • em

    Elise Masquelier Account Services

    I was born and raised in Enon, Ohio, which happens to be the population spelled backwards! Loved getting to grow up in a town where everyone raised farm animals and a new stoplight was a big deal. My fiancé is my best friend — and my daily inspiration (along with my parents, friends, and Oprah). I’m a middle sister, a dog momma, and a sports fanatic. I’ve always thought that relationships make the world go ‘round and that there’s no problem a few minutes by the ocean can’t solve. In my spare time, I run, sing, create things, practice calligraphy, sew, bake, ski, paint, listen to reggae, chase adrenaline, plan events, volunteer, and hang out with the people I love.

  • 209764_516507329810_6837559_o

    Krystyna Cobb Account Services

    I consider myself a Cincinnatian even though I was born in Tennessee, raised in Ohio, and currently live in Kentucky. Out of high school, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, so I got a degree in Paralegal Studies and a job in a law firm. After 7 years I decided that wasn’t the path for me and went back to school. I graduated in 2016 from Thomas More College’s TAP program with a BES in Communication Studies and found myself drawn to the marketing and advertising field. When I’m not at work, you can find me on long walks with my dachshund, Gracie, checking out new restaurants around town with my husband, Phil, doing something crafty, or volunteering with my church.

  • JMcLaughlin_1

    Joe McLaughlin Account Services

    Cincinnati is the place I call home, although I was born in Denver and jumped around while growing up.  After graduating from Miami of Ohio with my BA in Marketing, I spent 2 years in Chicago before landing back in the Nati where my agency journey began. I’m an adrenaline junky at heart and one of my coolest travel experiences to date was skydiving over the Swiss Alps! When I’m not at work, you can find me at the gym, surfing Spotify for new music, going to concerts, cheering on the Bengals, or eating Chipotle (which I easily average 3x a week).

  • IMG_1956[1]

    Robert Remley Account Services

    I was raised in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and I love being from this area. I currently live in rural Kenton County on 9 isolated acres with a half mile gravel road. It’s a lot of work and upkeep but landscaping and home improvement is a passion of mine. I’m also involved with commercial real estate development and investment. My side hustle is being a bartender at weddings and events. If you see me at your cousins wedding stop over and say hello. I have a degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Fine Art and have been in the Design field for many years. Packaging design was my specialty. I also have a passion for all things technical and have worked with IT, video, 3D imaging, laser cutting and 3D printing. I have a crazy Weimaraner that keeps me busy, I love dogs. My wife Susan and I have three daughters, two sons and seven grand kids.

  • IMG_5412

    Liz Schultz Account Services

    There are four things I love in this world: Broadway, Pixar, Harry Potter, and traveling. At any given time, you can find me engaging in one of these four topics. But be careful if you bring one up; you could be stuck in conversation for a while. My true passion lies with storytelling. All my life, I have enjoyed connecting with people. My professional drive comes from this need to build relationships and help brands tell their stories. I joined the Icon team as an intern and after my recent graduation from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in marketing, I decided to stick around with these incredible coworkers.

  • image1

    Lauren Thompson Creative Services

    I’m a graduate from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. I love creating spaces that are inspiring, beautiful, and helpful, and have a passion for travel and exploring that led me to Italy for my master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design. My goal is to provide environments and experiences that speak to brands and their heart - the people who invest in them. In my free time I like to explore new places, whether it’s a new-to-me neighborhood in Cincinnati or in Croatia. I love learning different languages, singing off-key to show tunes, everything pumpkin, and will probably cry when you show me a picture of your dog (but please do).