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A strong brand wins the hearts of consumers by creating value beyond mere features and benefits. We build brands that resonate with consumers, creating a differentiated and ownable brand position that obliterates the race-to-the-bottom commodity trap. We help brands define who they are by uncovering the emotional benefit they deliver. Then we bring that story to life to create a unique brand character. Whether we are crafting new brands or reimagining older ones, our approach is the same: Discover, Explore, Create.

Eurotech, a manufacturer and distributor of finely designed and well-crafted office chairs, wanted to elevate the perceived stature of their brand to compete more aggressively with well-known premium brands in the office furniture category.

Icon updated and repositioned Eurotech’s visual identity, logo, brand narrative, catalog, and website to deliver a compelling story of quality, innovation, and superior design at an affordable price.

“We have had the good fortune to work with Icon Marketing for the past four and a half years. In that time they have helped us to create and launch a hugely successful brand program with a major big box retailer, as well as reposition our brand image across all aspects of our business. Their creativity and attention to detail combined with their ability to meet every deadline is remarkable. The new and improved corporate and brand image that Icon has created for us has directly resulted in increased sales and access to new business channels we had previously not been able to penetrate.”

Marc Fries, President of Eurotech


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